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Mondo Bag

Choose to make midi or the original Mondo Bag. Super size to carry all things needed for retreat!

Snow Star

When making this quilt, you will learn to make 3 different blocks. Each block, on its own, is an easy one, but combine them and you have a complex-looking quilt. It is a 3 session class during which you will learn the 3 blocks. The first week will introduce you to 2 very easy blocks which when put together form the star. The second week you will learn the third block. Finally the blocks will be assembled into the quilt. You may choose one of two sizes 66" x 78" or, by adding an additional border, 78" x 90". I chose the multi-colored border first and then chose several fabrics for the blocks, pulling the colors from the border fabric. Dates for this class are May 4, 2021, May 11, 2021 and May 25, 2021.

May 14
Machine Embroidery - Vote for Quilting
May 14
Machine Embroidery - Pocket Hot Pads
May 15
Machine Embroidery - Pocket Hot Pads

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